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Alvin Hough, Jr.

Photo of Alvin Hough, Jr. playing the piano

Where would I be without the DC Boys Choir and Mrs. Eleanor Stewart? That's a question that I would rather not think about, simply because being a member of the choir has been an integral part of my life and has afforded me to grow far above and beyond any of my wildest expectations. One who looks at the phrase "DC Boys Choir" and only thinks that it encompasses singing clearly has not seen the sheer talent, passion, and resolve of the boys in question. There is so much more to this entity than just singing, as Mrs. Stewart works hard to develop well-rounded young boys into young men that are far more ready to tackle high school and the world beyond than the vast majority of their peers. As an added and highly valued bonus, the social, cultural, and travel experiences gained as a result of being in the choir are memorable, to say the least. Needless to say, the friendships I developed were very meaningful and only helped to make my stay in the choir that much more pleasant.

I suppose I had a unique experience, in that I both sang and played piano for the choir. On occasion, I now attend some of the choir's performances to offer a solo and extend moral support to the current group of boys. No matter how many phone calls I make, how many pieces I play during performances, or how many cards I write, there really is no way to sufficiently thank Mrs. Stewart and all of the other diligent workers, some of which are content to stay behind the scenes, for all they have done, do, and will continue to do for the well-being of the choir and all of its members. I highly advise any young man who wants to better his life and become a member of an organization that will always motivate him to strive for excellence to join the DC Boys Choir. It will most certainly be a decision you will not regret.

Alvin Ellsworth Hough, Jr.
Georgia Institute of Technology
Graduate Teaching Assistant
Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
A.B., Harvard College, Class of 2006

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Darnell Roulhac

Photo of Darnell Roulhac performing

In 1998 I joined the D.C. Boys Choir of Washington, DC directed by Mrs. Eleanor Stewart. I sang in the choir for four years and mentored the young boys for five years.
The choir is very important to me because it was there that I really developed a passion for singing. Being a member of the choir taught me a lot about being professional. I learned how to carry myself in a professional manner around people, being on time for
rehearsals and performances, never coming to performances without ironing my clothes and how to travel.

Being in the D.C. Boys Choir gave me the opportunity to perform in Washington, DC, Virginia, North Carolina and New York. But the one place I will never forget is when the choir traveled to England to sing at the Canterbury Cathedral for the International Childrens Choir Festival, London and Paris, France. It was a great experience for me and all of the other boys that went.

During my years in the choir I participated in numerous performances including the Congressional Gold Medal Ceremony honoring Mother Teresa,(1998), National Council of Negro Women(1999), Millennium Celebration on the Mall hosted by Will Smith(1999), Kennedy Center Honorees Awards(2000) and the Mens Camerata Concert in the Terrace Theater at the Kennedy Center. The choir gave me opportunities to see other performers such as opera singer Denise Graves and meet the famous Boys Choir of Harlem.

I attribute my professionalism in performing to my experience with the D.C. Boys Choir.

I am now attending Boston Conservatory majoring in Vocal Performance.

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James Edward Page III

Photo of James Edward Page III

Mrs. Stewart,

Thank you for being supportive of me and working with me over the years. You have given me many experiences that have changed my life. You have helped me be who I am today. You have shown me many new things that will be useful to me in times to come. I just want to say thank you. I will always be here to help the choir when you need help. Thank you so much.

Love James


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